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Ratings / 5
 Sound  5 
 Visuals  5 
 Effects  5 
 Features  5 
 Transfer  5 
 Packaging  5 
 Overall  5 
Disc Information
 Audio  Dolby Digital 5.1
 Other Languages  Spanish, French
 Subtitles  Spanish, English
 Aspect Ratio  2.35:1 (Animorphic Widescreen)
 Discs  Layers 1  2
 Packaging  Clamshell
Bonus Features
 Featurettes  HBO "Making Of" Special, "Solaris: Behind the Planet" Featurette
 Trailers & Spots  Theatrical Teaser & Trailer (Non-Animorphic Widescreen) Two additional theatrical trailer: Master And Commander, Le Divorce.
 Commentaries  Full-Length Commentary with Director Steven Soderbergh and Producer James Cameron
 Interviews  None
 Storyboards  None
 Galleries  None
 Deleted Scenes  None
 Cast And Crew Bios  None
 Other  Original Screenplay
Chapter Highlights
 Ch. 3:  About 30 seconds into chapter 3 you get your first view of Solaris.
 Ch. 8:  About 1 minute into chapter 8 you get some more interesting views of Solaris.
 Ch. 11:  Yet another beautiful view of Solaris.
 Ch. 16:  A nice view of the ship hovering above Solaris
 Ch. 17:  About 30 seconds in there's a brief view of the surface of Solaris.
 Ch. 18:  About 2 minutes in there is a pretty cool cgi effect on someones face.
 Ch. 19:  About 1:30 in there is another cool view of Solaris
 Ch. 20:  Another cool view of Solaris.
 Ch. 24:  About 1:30 in there is a cool effect with Solaris and the Ship
 Ch. 25:  About 0:40 in A final cool view of Solaris
 Strengths:  A visual masterpiece.
 Weaknesses:  Some people may be boared because it is not the typical fast-paced Hollywood feature.
 Running Time:  Approx. 98 minutes
 Synopsis:      Superstar George Clooney turns in a stellar performance in this "brilliant sci-fi movie" (New York Daily News) from Academy Award® winners Steven Soderbergh (2000 - Best Director, Traffic) and James Cameron (1997 - Best Picture, Titanic).

     Aboard a lonely space station orbiting a mysterious planet, terrified crew members are experiencing a host of strange phenomena, including eerie visitors who seem all too human. And when psychologist Chris Kelvin (Clooney) arrives to investigate, he confronts a power beyond imagining that could hold the key to mankind's deepest dreams…or darkest nightmares. Co-starring Natascha McElhone and Jeremy Davies, Solaris is "mind-bending!" (Rolling Stone)
 Other Thoughts:  A throw back to the sci-fi of the 60's with all the polish of todays big budget cgi blockbusters. I loved it. It's the one of those movies you just sit back and take in.
A/V System Reviewed On:
 Receiver:  Denon AVR-5803
 TV:  Mitsubishi WS-55805
 Speakers:  Boston Acoustics
 Fronts:  555X THX
 Center:  555X THX
 Surrounds:  575X THX
 Rear Surrounds:  575X THX
 Subwoofer:  Polk Audio PW 650
 DVD Player:  Sony DVP 860
 Audio:  Monster Cable Interlink® LightSpeed™ 100 Fiber Optic
 Video:  Monster Video® 3 High-Resolution Component Video Cable
 Speaker Wire:  Monster Cable XP with Monster Cable connectors

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