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Rocky (Special Edition)Rocky Collection Gift 5pk
Ratings / 5
 Sound  3 
 Visuals  2 
 Effects  2 
 Features  4.8 
 Transfer  4 
 Packaging  5 
 Overall  3.46 
Disc Information
 Audio  Dolby Digital 5.1, Mono
 Other Languages  English, French, Spanish
 Subtitles  French, Spanish
 Aspect Ratio  1.85:1 (Non-Animorphic Widescreen)
 Discs  Layers 1  2
 Packaging  Clamshell Push Button
Bonus Features
 Featurettes  "Behind-The-Scenes" With John G. Avildsen Includes Never-Before-Seen Footage, "A Tribute To Burgess Meredith", "A Tribute To James Crabe"
 Trailers & Spots  Six Theatrical Trailers Two from Rocky and one from each of the sequals.
 Commentaries  Audio Commentary By Director John G. Avildsen, Producers Irwin Winkler & Robert Chartoff, Talia Shire And Burt Young
 Interviews  A Video Commentary By Sylverster Stalone
 Storyboards  None
 Galleries  None
 Other  Original Advertising Materials
Chapter Highlights
 Ch. All:  No specific tests for audio or picture quality.
 Strengths:  Full of features, 5.1
 Weaknesses:  Not Animorphic
 Running Time:  Approx. 119 minutes
 Synopsis:  It's the fil that inspired a notion - and won the 1976 Best Picture Oscar®! Audiences and critics alike cheered this American success story of an "everyman" triumphing over all odds. Featuring a dynamic musical score, a thrilling fight sequence and four Oscar®-nominated performances,* this rousing crowd-pleaser will send spirits soaring. Fighting for love, glory, and self-respect, Rocky® scores an exultant knockout!

Rocky (Sylvester Stallone) is a philadelphia club fighter who seems to be going nowhere. But when a stroke of fate puts him in a ring with the world heavyweight champion, Rocky knows that it's his one shot at the big time - a once in a lifetime opportunity to "go the distance" and come out a winner!

*1976 Actor (Stallone), Actress (Talia Shire), Supporting Actor (Burgess Meredith) and Supporting Actor (Burt Young)
 Other Thoughts:  Best Picture 1976, what can I say, it's a great movie. Sylvester was born for this role.
A/V System Reviewed On:
 Receiver:  Denon AVR-5800
 TV:  Mitsubishi WS-55805
 Speakers:  Polk Audio
 Fronts:  RT 800i
 Center:  CS 400i
 Surrounds:  FX 500i
 Rear Surrounds:  Boston Acoustics 575X THX
 Subwoofer:  PW 650
 DVD Player:  Sony DVP 850D
 Audio:  Monster Cable Interlink® LightSpeed™ 100 Fiber Optic
 Video:  Monster Video® 3 High-Resolution Component Video Cable
 Speaker Wire:  Monster Cable XP with Monster Cable connectors
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