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The Newton Boys
reviewed by moviewavs

The Newton BoysNewton Boys
Ratings / 5
 Sound  4 
 Visuals  4 
 Effects  4 
 Features  1 
 Transfer  5 
 Packaging  4.9 
 Overall  3.81 
Disc Information
 Audio  Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Stereo Surround
 Other Languages  French (Dolby Stereo Surround)
 Subtitles  English, Spanish
 Aspect Ratio  2.35:1 (Non-Animorphic Widescreen)
 Discs  Layers 1  2
 Packaging  Clamshell Squeeze and lift tabs
Bonus Features
 Featurettes  None
 Trailers & Spots  Original Theatrical Trailer
 Commentaries  None
 Interviews  None
 Storyboards  None
 Galleries  None
 Other  None
Chapter Highlights
 Ch. 5:  13:30 in big explosions.
 Ch. 6:  End of Ch. 5 beggining of 6 Piano music that goes into song.
 Ch. 8:  "A lot of explosives"
 Ch. 11:  Train Cars passing by use the surrounds well. A good test of your surround speakers.
 Strengths:  5.1
 Weaknesses:  Not Animorphic!, No features.
 Running Time:  Approx. 122 minutes
 Synopsis:  They started out dirt poor - and ended up filthy rich! Mathew McConaughey, Ethan Hawke and Skeet Ulrich head an all-star cast in this action-packed adventure about the exploits of America's most successful outlaws.
It seams the only way The Newton Boys can make good is by goin' bad! Faster thatn you can say "nitroglycerin," they've knocked over more than 80 banks from Texas to Canada. Now their sights are set on a multimillion-dollar Federal Reserve train robbery, but the Feds are about to turn up the heat...
Vincent D'Onofrio, Dwight Yoakam and Julianna Margulies co-star in the rip-roaring, amazing-but-true tale of four brothers who dream of making a fortune...and wind up making history!
 Other Thoughts:  I went into this movie expecting not to like it. I did like it. The best part I believe is the credits when they show a couple of interviews with the actual Newton Brothers. It's hillarious.
A/V System Reviewed On:
 Receiver:  Denon AVR-5800
 TV:  Mitsubishi WS-55805
 Speakers:  Polk Audio
 Fronts:  RT 800i
 Center:  CS 400i
 Surrounds:  FX 500i
 Rear Surrounds:  Boston Acoustics 575X THX
 Subwoofer:  PW 650
 DVD Player:  Sony DVP 850D
 Audio:  Monster Cable Interlink® LightSpeed™ 100 Fiber Optic
 Video:  Monster Video® 3 High-Resolution Component Video Cable
 Speaker Wire:  Monster Cable XP with Monster Cable connectors

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