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Legends Of The Fall
reviewed by moviewavs

Legends Of The FallLegends Of The Fall
Ratings / 5
 Sound  4 
 Visuals  5 
 Effects  3 
 Features  0 
 Transfer  4.8 
 Packaging  5 
 Overall  3.63 
Disc Information
 Audio  Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Stereo Surround
 Other Languages  French, Spanish
 Subtitles  Spanish Korean
 Aspect Ratio  1.85:1 (Animorphic Widescreen)
 Discs  Layers 1  2
 Packaging  Clamshell Push Tabs
Bonus Features
 Featurettes  None
 Trailers & Spots  None
 Commentaries  None
 Interviews  None
 Storyboards  None
 Galleries  None
 Cast And Crew Bios  None
 Other  None
Chapter Highlights
 Ch. 3:  A magestic view of mountains.
 Ch. 4:  At the beginning of this chapter there are some deep bass sounds and deep breathing of a bear. The bear roars and there are also some cool flutes in the score.
 Ch. 10:  Piano music.
 Ch. 11:  Beautiful horses. 1:20 in a gunshot. 1:40 in horse bucking good sound.
 Ch. 16:  3:35 in right after Tristan (Brad Pitt) gets on his horse there is a deep bass hit.
 Ch. 17:  Thunder and rain.
 Ch. 18:  The rockets red glare, a war (good bass).
 Ch. 20:  More war, this time in the daylight.
 Ch. 23:  A beautiful sunset. 3:00 in there is a view of a river and mountains; a perfect example of nature's grandure.
 Ch. 29:  Cattle being hearded agianst the mountain backdrop. Then a great shot of the blue sky.
 Ch. 33:  Another great mountain shot followed by a dusk sky.
 Ch. 36:  More of the rapid flute.
 Ch. 39:  The seasons change.
 Ch. 40:  Drum beats in the score match perfectly to the horses trampling.
 Ch. 53:  3:35 in very deep drum beats.
 Ch. 54:  The drum beats continue into this chapter as well as some of the flute and some triangle chimes.
 Ch. 55:  It all continues on into this chapter and then begins to pick up with the action.
 Ch. 56:  A train pulls in and then the door opens.
 Ch. 58:  Gunshots 1:00 in.
 Strengths:  Sound, Visuals.
 Weaknesses:  No features!
 Running Time:  Approx. 134 minutes
 Synopsis:  A passionate journey into the darkest secrets of love, betrayal and the unbreakable bonds of blood.
 Other Thoughts:  A wonderful movie with a grand score.
A/V System Reviewed On:
 Receiver:  Denon AVR-5800
 TV:  Mitsubishi WS-55805
 Speakers:  Boston Acoustics
 Fronts:  555X THX
 Center:  555X THX
 Surrounds:  575X THX
 Rear Surrounds:  575X THX
 Subwoofer:  Polk Audio PW 650
 DVD Player:  Sony DVP 850D
 Audio:  Monster Cable Interlink® LightSpeed™ 100 Fiber Optic
 Video:  Monster Video® 3 High-Resolution Component Video Cable
 Speaker Wire:  Monster Cable XP with Monster Cable connectors
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