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Dungeons And Dragons
reviewed by moviewavs

Dungeons And DragonsDungeons And Dragons
Ratings / 5
 Sound  4 
 Visuals  4.5 
 Effects  4.8 
 Features  5 
 Transfer  5 
 Packaging  3 
 Overall  4.38 
Disc Information
 Audio  Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Stereo Surround.
 Other Languages  None
 Subtitles  English
 Aspect Ratio  1.85:1 (Animorphic Widescreen)
 Discs  Layers 1  2
 Packaging  Cardboard Snapcase
Bonus Features
 Featurettes  "Let The Games Begin" A Profile And History Of Adventures, "The Making Of Dungeons And Dragons"
 Trailers & Spots  Theatrical Trailer (1.85:1 Animorphic Widescreen, Dolby Digital 5.1)
 Commentaries  First Commentary: Director (Courtney Soloman), Justin Whalin, and Game Co-creator (Dave Arnesson). Second Commentary: Director (Courtney Soloman), Cinematographer (Doug Milsome), and Game Co-creator (Dave Arnesson)
 Interviews  None
 Storyboards  None
 Galleries  None
 Deleted Scenes  11 deleted scenes incleding an alternate ending.
 Cast And Crew Bios  Cast and crew bios.
 Other  Four special effects clips with 3 angles each to show the detail that went into them.
Chapter Highlights
 Ch. 1:  Cool visuals with dragon and fire.
 Ch. 2:  Great flyover view of the castle done with cgi.
 Ch. 3:  Another cgi shot of the castle. A lot of cool magic.
 Ch. 7:  A cool view of a vilage.
 Ch. 12:  A neat little floating creature. It roars.
 Ch. 15:  7:00 in dragons and magicians in a war.
 Ch. 17:  More dragon fights.
 Strengths:  Visuals, effects, features.
 Weaknesses:  packaging.
 Running Time:  Approx. 107 minutes
 Synopsis:  The Empire of Izmer has long been a divided land. The Mages - an elite group of magic users - rule whilst the lowly commoners are powerless. Izmer's young Empress, Savina (Thora Birch), wants equality and prosperity for all, but the evil Mage Profion (Jeremy Irons) is plotting to depose her, and establish his own rule. The Empress possesses a scepter which controls Izmer's Golden Dragons. To challenge her rule, Profion must have the scepter, and tricks the Council of Mages into believing Savina is unfit to hold it. Knowing that Profion will bring death and destruction to Izmer, Savina, must find the legendary Rod of Savrille, a mythical rod that has the power to control Red Dragons, a species even mightier than the Gold. Enter two thieves, Ridley (Justin Whalin) and Snails (Marlon Wayans), who unwittingly become instrumental in Savina's search for the Rod. Joined by a feisty Dwarf named Elwood (Lee Arenberg), and helped by the Empress's expert tracker, the Elf Norda (Kristen Wilson), the young heroes go in search of the Rod of Savrille. From the deadly maze of the Thieves Guild at Antius to an Elven Village, secret grotto and abandoned castles, Ridley and his band must outwit Profion's chief henchman Damodar (Bruce Payne) at every turn while back in Izmer, Profion prepares to do battle with the Empress. All depends on the Rod, but outcome of the race to reach it first is far from certain, and Izmar's very survival hangs in the balance.
 Other Thoughts:  All around a good speial effects movie. Could have been better.
A/V System Reviewed On:
 Receiver:  Denon AVR-5800
 TV:  Mitsubishi WS-55805
 Speakers:  Boston Acoustics
 Fronts:  555X THX
 Center:  555X THX
 Surrounds:  575X THX
 Rear Surrounds:  575X THX
 Subwoofer:  Polk Audio PW 650
 DVD Player:  Sony DVP 850D
 Audio:  Monster Cable Interlink® LightSpeed™ 100 Fiber Optic
 Video:  Monster Video® 3 High-Resolution Component Video Cable
 Speaker Wire:  Monster Cable XP with Monster Cable connectors

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